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Mark Hutchinson

Board Director

31 years business and consulting experience.


Experience with Technology Team

We are a Corporate Development and Technology company

Tquila, a corporate development and technology company, has been building technology businesses independently and on behalf of large Consultancy and Technology firms for the last 20 years.

We continue to strive to work on innovative projects that will change the way we live and work.



A data, strategy and consulting business with a focus on AI

More About Us

One of the approaches Tquila adopts to building new technology businesses – ‘Build, Operate, Transfer’ (BOT) – brings the benefits of M&A with significantly reduced costs and integration risk, while providing the focus, pace and locations that organic capability build often lacks.

The BOT model often complements internal organic growth, providing additional capacity and a ‘call option’ on acquiring talent at costs significantly below arm’s length acquisitions

The BOT model equally applies to any technology capability that is in demand and where acquisition multiples are high and has already been proven as a model for building businesses within the Publics Groupe with both PSail and Sapient i7.