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Tquila offers a range of investment and management services to next-generation technology businesses

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About Tquila

A global technology venture company

Tquila is an international corporate development and technology venture firm. It was founded by James McHugh in 2010, emerging from the successful exit of K2 Group. Since then, it has built a thriving portfolio of technology businesses by combining expertise across growth, talent, operations, and finance to launch companies from scratch - either on its own or using its own build-operate-transfer (BOT) model. Typically, Tquila will be involved in a new venture from conception to exit within two to five years.

For global business services organizations

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

As technology ecosystems shift, consultancy and global systems integrators often lack specific technology capabilities such as customer experience, enterprise-wide automation, data mining, etc. There are limited options available: build, buy, or borrow.

Tquila’s distinctive Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model brings the benefits of M&A with significantly reduced costs and integration risks while providing focus and pace that building organic capability often lacks.

First, we will build a profitable business specializing in a specific, high-growth technology cluster on behalf of a client. Then it will operate as a separate unit, gaining a solid reputation, and growing a pipeline of clients and talent. Finally, on a pre-agreed trigger, the business is transferred to the client in a non-competitive sale. Integration risks are significantly reduced, as the BOT is built with close links to the acquiring business.

For technology and software vendors

Co-investment in a technology ecosystem

For emerging technology vendors looking to accelerate a community of accredited practitioners, Tquila has a track record in identifying emerging technologies and establishing businesses to grow an ecosystem of accredited practitioners rapidly.

Typically, Tquila will be the majority shareholder with co-investment and working capital from a technology and software provider looking to grow its ecosystem. Drawing on our experience of rapidly building high-revenue businesses, we will exit in 3-5 years by either IPO or sale to a global systems integrator or professional services businesses.

For start-ups and scale-ups

Early-stage investment

Technology founders require more than investment. Tquila provides coaching, board participation, operational support, and management services. That's all part of the offer, alongside joint go-to-market initiatives with other portfolio companies to fuel growth. 

Typically, Tquila invests in a start-up or scale-up before Series A funding to exit within 2-5 years.


Meet the team

Globally distributed with local knowledge, Tquila has deep connections and expertise in the global technology industry.